V62. Bossing Guide
By Midnight
Why you should kill it- It drops MANY MANY MANY good scrolls.
Tips- Should do the “Legend of Snail” quest chain before killing, so that you can obtain 3 fame.
Location- Thicket Around the Beach III
HP- 2000
Experience- 120
Spawn Time- 54m ~ 1h06m
Why you should kill it- Again, it’s good for scrolls.
Tips- Should do the “The Old Tree” quest chain before killing, so that you can obtain 5 fame.
Location- East Rocky Mountain V
HP- 3500
Experience- 205
Spawn Time- 54m ~ 1h06m
Why you should kill it- It is good for scrolls, but not as good as Mano and Stumpy.
Tips- He does have a long-range attack.
Location- Royal Cactus Desert
HP- 7,700
Experience- 445
Spawn time- 1h08m ~ 1h15m
Why you should kill it- Honestly, the only reason you should spend your time killing Rombot is if you’re enjoying the quests that this server has to offer.
Tips- Should do the “The Control Program Rombot” quest before killing, to obain 3 Warp Capsules to Omega Sector.
Location- Hidden Street- Hidden Tower
HP- 11,000
Experience- 720
Why you should kill it- It’s another good scroll farming boss. And it drops fishing poles. You need a fishing pole to go fishing.
Tips- If low level, take a buddy. He heals alot.
Location- Forest of Evil I, Forest of Evil II
HP- 9,800
Experience- 410
Spawn Time- 1h30m ~ 1h50m
King Klang
Why you should kill it- Again, scrolls.
Tips- Do the whole Florina Beach quest line before killing. It’s fun, and only an hour or two depening on your live.
Location- Florina Road: Hot Sand
HP- 25,000
Experience- 1,210
Spawn time- 1h39m ~ 2h01m
Why you should kill it- It drops more good scrolls than any monster listed so far.
Tips- Ranged characters are good against Timer because he has an annoying ability to send you flying across the map. But that’s kinda fun too. Makes Kat giggle.
Location- Ludibrium: Lost Time <1>, Ludibrium: Lost Time <2>, Ludibrium: Whirlpool of Time
HP- 21,000
Experience- 650
Spawn Time- 1h46m ~ 2h09m
Why you should kill it- Again, scrolls. PLUS IT DROPS ILBI THROWING STARS
Tips- You might have to kill alot of monsters in the map before it spawns. If you see it jump, run away, let it land, and then come back.
Location- Hidden Street: Someone else’s house
HP- 20,000
Experience- 1,200
Spawn Time- 1h48m ~ 2h12m
Zombie Mushmom
Why you should kill it- Again, scrolls, PLUS IT DROPS ILBI THROWING STARS.
Tips- It’s a long walk to get to. Hope it’s worth it.
Location- Dungeon: The Grace of Mushmom
HP- 35,000
Experience- 1,500
Spawn Time- 1h57m ~ 2h23m
Why you should kill it- Just scrolls.
Tips- It has high avoidability. You might want to bring some accuracy potions if not a high level.
Location- Warning Street: Dangerous Croco 1, Warning Street: Dangerous Croco 2
HP- 31,000
Experience- 810
Spawn Time- 1h57m ~ 2h23m
Why you should kill it- It drops a Glowing Whip, which you can add to your cool equips collection. Also drops good scrolls and Tobi throwing stars.
Tips- It’s a long way to travel, you want to you more reason to go to the area.
Location- Hidden Street: Gray’s Prarie
HP- 36,000
Experience- 940
Spawn Time- 1h57m ~ 2h23m
Nine-Tailed Fox
Why you should kill it- Honestly, just drops. But the area it’s in has alot of good quests.
Tips- Again, do the quests in the area if you have any reason to kill it.
Location- Korean Folk Town: Moon Ridge
HP- 89,000
Experience- 1,300
Spawn Time- 2h06m ~ 2h34m
Tae Roon
Why you should kill it- I know you’re tired of the scroll thing, but this one drops REALLY good ones. And drops Tobis.
Tips- None
Location- Mu Lung- Territory of Wandering Bear
HP- 93,000
Experience- 1580
Spawn Time- 2h08m ~ 2h36m
Green King Goblin
Why you should kill it- It drops Hwabi’s, Vital Bullets, and a few good scrolls.
Tips- Immune to poison.
Location- Hidden Street: Haunted House
HP- 25,000
Experience- 400

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